Get from data to decision faster than ever
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QUIPU collects, organises & connects your viewed online content using powerful artificial intelligence.
Spend more time on unique discovery and developing insights for decision making.

Quipu saves time on data collection.
Unlimited access to content has created a new problem
Sam is struggling to manage his urgent research project & usually gets buried in open tabs, his note apps clunky UI & frequent update requests from the project owner.
More content costs more time to structure
Sam's research content is building, he wants to know as much as possible but he is worried about the lost hours spent organising & indexing.

Sam is feeling the pressure to deliver key insights & expert analysis.
QUIPU automates content classification, linking & display
QUIPU lets Sam move fast from initial data to making a decision.

Hours of tedious & expensive work can be given back to Sam, boosting productivity & value.
QUIPU builds a research library in real time, indexing as you explore, letting you generate knowledge.
Our mission is maximising the potential of human curiosity & learning.
All the features - no nonsense

10 days of memory recall

Collaborate with other users
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Save time getting from data to decisions!
QUIPU takes on the role of an invisible partner as you research.
Not just what you research but capturing the how & why
Collaboration is key for the knowledge economy.
QUIPU allows for fast highlighting & recording of key insights
QUIPU creates knowledge graphs with your research information
QUIPU identifies adjacent topics to enrich your search experience
Never worry about leaving key insights behind as you research
QUIPU for knowledge creators
Business Consulting
Maintain a shareable knowledge hub for your organisation. Share insights & key facts with clients through QUIPU, explaining the what & the why. Never miss an opportunity to improve your clients outcomes.
Innovation professionals
QUIPU is your best friend, working as hard as you do to log, structure & display your insights to key stakeholders. You do the discovery & high level curation, QUIPU handles the administration of content.
Spend your time expanding your knowledge. QUIPU captures your study in a clear display & lets you choose what to look for next to fill in the gaps and stay top of the class.
University Students
Startups & VC accelerators
QUIPU lets you move as fast as the market. Grab data from industry reports, Crunchbase and competitors sites to build real time knowledge for your fledgling business.
Your research stays on your device, QUIPU is designed for privacy
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A Quipu is a simple record-keeping device that was used in the ancient Inca culture. It consisted of cords with knots to distinguish the types of data being recorded, using simple variations in length, colour and knot position.
The ancient Incas recorded their most valuable information with the Quipu.

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